Martin Design provides an architectural design service tailored to the individual client, ensuring that all their requirements are fully satisfied.

Generally, a full design service comprises a multi stage process:

Stage 1

  • » Site visit with client to initiate the process. This involves discussing the client wishlist, walking over the site and determining the exact best, preferred site location, determining orientation factors, views, prevailing winds, neighbouring buildings , existing other structures and trees or other landscape features. Initial budget discussions start here also, ensuring that the wishlist meets in some way the actual preferred budget.
  • » On some sites, a topographical survey may be required to establish site contours and to accurately locate boundaries and existing buildings and other features.
  • » If the design is an addition and alteration, all existing structures will be measured and any existing drawings, plans, specifications and/or Building Consent documents, will also be examined.

Stage 2

  • » Prepare an initial sketch design of the proposal, incorporating the wishlist and meeting the criteria requested and providing an inspired and complete design solution
  • » This Sketch Plan design is to provide a discussion scheme that may be amended to suit further Client requirements, and it is not until a complete and accepted Sketch Design is achieved that a fee proposal is discussed
  • » Generally, Martin Design provides this Sketch Plan service free of initial charge, and it is only when the Client is satisfied with the Design, that fees become due, based on satisfactory progress
  • » At this stage it is sometimes necessary to obtain a Resource Consent from the local Council. This service is provided and inclusive of the negotiated fee

Stage 3

  • » Prepare Construction Documentation. This includes all drawings and specification required to allow full costing to be achieved, to successfully obtain a Building Consent and to allow the Builder to construct the desired building.
  • » At this stage job specific consultants are also involved, such as Geotechnical Engineer, Stormwater & Sewerage Engineer, and Structural Engineer, all depending on the specific requirements of the Design. These Consultants are engaged only after consultation with the Client and all fees are agreed.
  • » Martin Design can provide varying levels of documentation, from basic Building Consent Documentation, through to a complete fully documented Design which includes all interior cabinetry, ( kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes, wall units etc ) interior and exterior colour scheme , external landscaping design, ( pools, patios, garden layout, etc.), internal and external lighting design.

Stage 4

  • » Construction interpretation. Martin Design is available at all times during the construction process to assist the Client and the Contractor with any issues that may arise and to help with Documentation interpretation. There is no charge for this service.

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